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Star Technologies
A Young & Energetic Telecom Company.

We work globally and are currently looking for opportunities to work in other countries.

We at Star-Group are proud to be the FIRST Company in India to produce hi-tech Optical Fiber Splicing Machines & OTDR test equipment’s in India. India is now the 4th country in the world where such hi-tech equipments are being produced. Recognized as a technology leader, we at Star-Group produce very stable and top quality Star-FFS9000 fusion splicing machines and are redefining the fiber optics testing business in India by producing the Fibershot range of high-quality optical time domain reflectometers in India.

Growing popularity and demand for Star & Fibershot fiber optics testing products in India and worldwide is the testimonial of the hard work that we have put in to satisfy our customers. Behind our success is also our vast 20 years of businesses and field experiences of diversified trades ranging from Telecom Support, Telecom Products, Information Technologies, FRT Services, Mobile Operations, CCTV, Telecom & IT AMC’s, Cable TV and Satellite Technologies.

Quality in whatever we do

  • Strong management mindset

  • Customer-centric policy
  • Production and QC reliability
  • Faster communication response
  • Short delivery times
  • Owning to the mistakes and correcting them
  • Sample-volume manufacturing

Quality Policy at Star

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company focused on delivering excellence in performance, reliability, and technology that exceeds customer expectations. Faster delivery and top class after sales service keeps us ahead of the competition in this challenging fiber optics test and measuring equipment business. Star is committed to the development, implementation and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System. We are also engaged in manufacturing, R&D, marketing, servicing, maintenance of telecom equipment and optical network maintenances.

Star Infomatic Pvt Ltd.
Holds Certificate of Quality Management System

The company has been independently assessed and is compliant with the requirement of ISO 9001:2015

Scope of Operations:

  • Manufacturing of OFC TEST & Measuring Equipments
  • OFC Maintenance Services

  • Networking Services

  • Production of Electronic Testing Good/CCTV Services

  • Trading

  • Importing / Exporting of Electronic Equipments

  • IT Services

  • Hardware & Software Services

  • Internet & Web Based Services

  • Site Management

  • Network Management & Maintenance Services


Assembling and Maintenance

Star Company, Ltd. carries assembling operation nation wide of their products. The dedicated assembly plant assembles core-to-core FFS-9000 and FFS-10000 Fusion Splicing Machine from 2017 onwards in India.

Logistics Centre

Storage space for Fusion Splicing Machines and its parts.


I bought splicing machine FFS-9000 of Star Brand, working very well.

Internet Service Provider
Mathura, Uttar Pradesh


I founded whole fiber splicing kit, very good and was delivered on time with technical support.

Telecom Service Provider
Jaipur, Rajasthan


My FRT Team is happy with compact and portable Star FFS-9000 Splicing Machine.

Cable Tv Service Provider

Vishal Kumar,

Our Prestigious Clients