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Design | Core Functionalities

There is wide range of Fusion Splicing Machines available today in the market. Almost all splicing machines are meant to carry out fusion splicing process in a same manner, yet there is variation in specification in terms of technical hardware and software features and not only technical features some international brands offer much more than that. Yes, we are talking about the quality of being sophisticated. Another main features that many buyers look for is price that has to be paid to buy a best splicing machine that carry sophisticated hardware and software to deal with the on-site solutions during pre and post implementation of fiber optic cable network for Telecom Operators, Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), Cable TV Digitalization and CCTV.

Some manufacturers design splicing machines to carry out fusion splicing process and some manufacturers develop splicing machines not only to carry fusion splicing process but also to make it easier or portable, for fiber rectification team to carry on-site and to rectify the errors or faults in the fiber cable network.

India based manufacturer, Star has developed a prototype, and carried research and analysis in real-time scenarios before introducing Top Fusion Splicer i.e., Star FFS-10000 Fusion Splicer Model. The Company followed a step-by-step research for product development life cycle process for years. FFS-10000 carries splicing process very well leaving which contribute to better operational results.

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Top Features

Splicing Time (in seconds)
Heating Time (in seconds)
Boot Time (in seconds)
  • Smart-connected APP

  • Splicing record management

  • Intelligent burglary-resisting system

  • 8400 mAh battery capacity over 350 times splicing heating

  • Auto-splicing mode can identify fiber types automatically (SM/MM/NS/DS/BI)

  • 6 motors core-to-core alignment system compatible all sorts of fiber types

  • Fiber identification system
  • Hi-speed USB connection internet remote control
  • Heating time: 12secs.
  • Splicing time: 6secs.
  • Top Speed boot time: 1 secs.
  • Automatically choose the best splicing parameters
  • Handy, lightweight, anti-dropping solid and durable
  • Pluggable battery, convenient and quick charge.
  • Reduce risk and unpredictability
  • Three-dimensional protection cover

Powerful Performance Parameters
FFS-10000 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

Feature Compliance
Size and Weight D190 x W140 x H150 (MM)1.8 kg (2.2kg with battery)
Fiber Alignment 6 motors core alignment
Fiber Type SM(ITU-T G.652), MM(ITU-T G.651), DS(ITU-T G.653), NZ/NZDS(ITU-T G.655), BI(ITU-T G.657)
Splice Model Single Fiber
Fiber Diameter Cladding diameter 80-150 µm, coating 100-1000µm
Cleave Length 250µm cladding diameter 8-16mm, over 250 µm cladding diameter 16mm
Splicing Programs Max. 100
Splicing Cycle Time 6 sec. [SM Fast] program.
10 sec. [SM Fast] program.
Heating Programs Max. 30
Heating Cycle Time Adjustable, 12 sec. typical
Splice Protector 10 – 60mm
Splice Image Capture Max.100
Splice Data Storage Max. 10000
Splice Loss SM:0.02dB, MM:0.01dB, DS:0.04dB,
NZ/NZDS:0.04dB, BI:0.02dB
Return Loss 60dB
Loss Estimation Provided
Operation Condition Altitude 0-5000m, Humidity 0-95% Temperature -20-+50 °C, Wind velocity up to 15m/s
Storage Condition Humidity 0-95%, Temperature -40-+80°C
Tension 1.96 – 2.25N
Fiber View Two cameras observation.
4.8 inch high-light color screen
Fiber Magnification 560 x for X or Y single axis view.
270x for both X&Y dual axis view
Port High-speed USB
Electrode Life 5000 arc discharges
Power Supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Battery Module 8400mAh High capacity battery, more than 350 times splicing and heating