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Design | Core Functionalities

Star FFS-9000 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer is a dynamic fusion splicing machine specially developed with capabilities of carrying out precise splicing process of fusing two broken single micro strands of fiber optic cable ends. A splicing machine having more features and capabilities like more battery capacity, 7 seconds fusion time etc. These are core features and functionalities that a client and businesses are seeking, which have brought this machine among the top splicing machine in demand, today in the market. FFS-9000 is ahead of other fusion splicing machine as provided by other national and international brands and promoters in terms of core functionalities and price of this beautiful splicing machine.

Fiber Fusion is a portable splicing machine, which makes it easier for a fiber rectification team and its members to carry it on-site for carrying out day-to-day operational activities like fusing broken fiber cable, with Star FFS-9000. It has been designed and developed in collaboration with many technicians and engineers having on-site operational experience with other splicing machines available before arrival of Star FFS-9000 in the market.

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Top Features

Splicing Time (in seconds)
Heating Time (in seconds)
Boot Time (in seconds)
  • Double core align structure, higher success rate of fusion and lower loss.
  • Adopt 4.3 inches 16:9 TFT colorized LCD screen.
  • Typical fusion time: 7 seconds.
  • Typical heating time: 17 seconds, automatic intelligent heating when closing the cover.
  • Reliability design strengthens shockproof, dust-proof and other functions.
  • Low power consumption design makes it possible to work longer with many functions operating at the same time.
  • Multi-functional, small-sized, portable, greatly improving working efficiency.
  • Capable to detect air pressure, temperature and humidity and other environmental factors and automatically calibrate arc.
  • Pluggable battery, convenient and quick charge.

Powerful Performance Parameters
FFS-9000 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

Feature Compliance
Applicable Fibers Single / SMF(G.652/652D), MMF(G.651), DSF(G.653), NZDSF(G.655), G657A, G657B etc
Cladding Dia./Sheath Dia. 80-150μm / 100-1000um
Cleave Length 5mm to 16mm
Splice Programs Stored 40 Programs & 80 User-Configurable Options
Average Splice Loss 0.02dB (SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS) and 0.04dB(NZDS)
Measured by cut-back method relevant to ITU-T and IEC standards.
Return Loss More than 60dB
Tube Heating Time Typical 17sec, Slim 60mm, Slim 40mm Coating dia. 250um
Splice Time 7 Sec (Fast Mode) & 9 Sec (Typical)
Splice Loss Evaluation Available
Tensile Test 2.25N
Screen 2 CMOS Camera with 4.3 inch Color LCD Non Touch for Fast Response
Optical Magnification X/Y 320X Magnification or both X and Y 270X Magnification
Power Supply Included 11.1V/6800 mAh lithium Battery, 13.5V/5A AC Adapter, 12V Car Power Supply
Battery Usage Typical Operating 250 (splice / heat shrink) on a Single Charge 3h
Result Storage Last 10000 Records
Electrode Life 5000 splices
Data Interface USB2.0, PC Software Upgrade / Data Management
Operating Condition Altitude : 0 to 5,000m above sea level, Wind : 15m/sec
Temperature : 10 to 50 deg C, Humidity : 0 to 95%RH, non-dew
Weight 1.54kg (Without Battery), 1.82kg (Including Battery)
Size 150D×130W×126H(mm)
Weather Protection Shock Resistance, Dust Resistance and Rain Resistance