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SE Series Cable Locator

Design | Core Functionalities

SE series cable locator by the domestic professional R & D team to build, the integration of ultra-narrowband filter, Bluetooth wireless communications, GPS positioning, professional data analysis software automatically map, automatic detection of the most advanced technology, with superior anti-jamming capability, Accurate positioning and depth of detection and other excellent detection performance for a variety of underground metal pipeline detection and inspection line, pipeline management and maintenance, municipal planning and construction, power supply and other departments of pipeline testing, is one of the necessary equipment for cable maintenance units.

Top Features

Broadband Transmitter
Passive Frequency
Positioning Depth
  • Using 10W broadband transmitter, to adapt to a variety of environmental detection

  • Receivers and transmitters are using lithium battery power supply, energy saving, long working hours

  • Backlight function for ease of night use.

  • The monitor has a backlight function, can be used to meet the emergency rescue at night

  • GPS geolocation function, pipeline direction automatic mapping

  • With left and right arrow display, you can quickly locate the pipeline position

  • Detecting the damage point of the coating, there are front and rear arrows and dB values to indicate the location of the damage point of the coating

  • Professional data analysis software, automatic detection report generated

Excellent Technical Parameters
Star SE Series Cable Locator

Feature Compliance
Positioning Frequency 7
Frequency (Hz) 512、1K、33K、83K
Passive Frequency 50Hz | 100Hz | radio
Power Supply  √
 Fault Frequency (piece)  ×
 Fault Finding  ×
 Lithium Battery Pack  √
 A Frame  ×
 Positioning Depth (m)  6
 Data storage ×